Using GraphTerm with OTraceΒΆ

GraphTerm was originally developed as a graphical front-end for otrace, an object-oriented python debugger. Any Python program can serve as a “host” and be connected to the GraphTerm server using the gotrace command:


The above command loads as a module and connects to the GraphTerm server for debugging. This program will appear in the list of hosts under the name example. Open the terminal session example/osh to connect to the otrace console, and issue the run <function> command to begin executing a function in You can also initiate program execution directly from the command line as follows:

gotrace -f test arg1 arg2

The above command executes the function test(arg=[]) in, where arg is a list of string arguments from the command line.

If you wish to use the otrace console features for multiplexing, without actually needing to a debug a program, you can use the --oshell option when using gtermhost to connect to the server.

(You can also embed code in a Python program to directly connect to the GraphTerm server for monitoring/debugging. See to find out how it can be done.)