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Qwheel: Question wheel

  • 1 Setup
  • 2 Usage
  • 3 Sessions
  • 4 Creating URLs
  • 5 Sample URLs
  • 6 Code
  • 7 Additional tips


A common problem facing teachers is that if you pose a question to a class, the same few students, usually in the first row, answer them. These students are typically not representative of the class, being more advanced and/or paying attention. To get around this problem, Qwheel uses a spinning prize wheel image (+sound) to randomly select a name from a list. Once a name is selected, it is removed from the list (although this behavior is optional). Using Qwheel is a great way to fairly distribute questions in the class, get to know the names of your students, and keep them attentive.

This document provides information on how to use Qwheel, which is located at the URL https://mitotic.github.io/wheel


1 Setup

No accounts or logins required! Create a list of names from the class roster and enter in the dialog box when requested.


2 Usage

Click on SPIN to rotate the wheel:


3 Sessions

A sequence of spins starting with a new list of names is referred to as a session.


4 Creating URLs

As an alternative to copying/pasting names, you can generate a permanent URL for creating a new session.


You can click on the above URL to see what it does. You can also store this URL as a hyperlink in a document and reuse it to restart a session, as needed.


5 Sample URLs

Click on the URLs below to see them in action.


6 Code

The source code is available on Github. You can download the code and open the file www/index.html in your browser to run Qwheel locally, even without an internet connection, by appending parameters to the file URL (file:///.../index.html?names=...).

To customize, modify the www/index.html file.
Qwheel uses the jQuery rouletteWheel software for the graphics.


7 Additional tips

Note: This document is created from Markdown text using Slidoc, a sister project of Qwheel. To view it as a slide show, press the ESCAPE key.